West and East Streets, Horsham, West Sussex, UK

West Street is the main shopping street in Horsham, and a modern style shopping centre is accessible from West Street as well as from the Carfax. This is Swan Walk, but other than a nice statue of some Swans is uninteresting and could be in almost any small town in the UK. Boring, so no pictures. Here is West Street looking West:

West Street

and East Street from the East end:

East Street

Walking further East you pass towrds Queen Street and the railway bridge, to the right is the Akash Restaurant. Another of my haunts. Now, Horsham has many Indian Restaurants and take-aways, about seven, I think. I will not list them all, suffice to say that none are actually bad, but that I have been visiting the Akash since 1977, so have become something of an institution myself. I have long known the management and often just drop in for mainly social reasons and of course a good meal. :