Market Square, Horsham, West Sussex, UK

This is the home of the Town Hall, the Registry Office (scene of many a folly), and markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

This is the least of its fame, because it is also home to my local watering hole, and one of my favourite restaurants.

Allow me to introduce The Bear in Market Square:

The Bear

This is a King and Barnes pub (now owned by Hall & Woodhouse), run by Tina and Pompey, providers of good food and beer, and much tolerance. I usually visit to meet friends on a Saturday afternoon, and have met many remarkable people through this pub. Here are two friends that are regrettably no longer with us, and are much missed:


And on the other side of Market Square is The River Kwai Thai Restaurant. Ask for food as they eat it themselves, and you should have a warming experience! I particularly recommend their Fisherman's Pot (Poh Taek), which is served in a Mongolian fire pot, a sort of centrally heated soup tureen with a bonfire of glowing charcoal in a central chimney. Poh Taek contains squid, fish pieces, crab claws, prawns, mussels, mushrooms, chillis, lemon grass and all things good, all served up as a simmering soup for two or more. I'm now feeling hungry...

River Kwai Thai Restaurant