Horsham, West Sussex, UK

Here is a brief personal guide to Horsham, UK, where I live. The pictures and comments are purely my own and not intended as advertisements. That means I can be honest, possibly contentious.

So, what better than to start with an image of the Shelley monument flushing. Faster than real life, but is it art??

Shelley monument

For those not in the know, Shelley (the poet) had Horsham family connections, and this is reflected in names for various places around Horsham, and in this (in)famous monument, which as you might imagine has caused much local comment.

Here I present it for the world to see.

Now, how about a look around the rest of the town?

Here are a few spots to tour:

The Carfax
The Causeway and St Mary's Church
Market Square
Piries Place
The Bishopric
East Street, West Street, Queen Street

and on the outskirts of the town:

Warnham Nature Reserve

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