My Microscopes: Leitz Diavert

Diavert set up for Photomicrography


Leitz Diavert, standard configuration


Leitz Diavert, standard configuration



Fitting a Higher Numerical Aperture Condenser


The Diavert is an inverted microscope which I obtained via eBay to replace a DIY instrument that needed replacement.

Inverted microscopes are generally intended to be used with low resolution long working distance objectives. Leitz do provide an add-on condenser enabling higher resolution objectives to be used, but as I could not locate (or afford!) one of these, I decided to improvise by fitting my own condenser based upon Zeiss components I had in the scrap box. This would then allow me to use any suitable Zeiss condenser.

Diavert Condenser

The real thing


Improvised mounting

Constructed from laminated polystyrene card


In position with macro condenser fitted



Another view with condenser in place

This view also shows that it is possible to fit a Zeiss trinocular head. This was a temporary measure until I purchased a proper Leitz Diavert trinocular head.


Configuring for Photomicrography

Amazingly, the fibre optic I use with my flash setup was a snug fit in the Diavert lamp housing (see below), so no modifications were necessary other than acquiring a Leitz trinocular head. The final setup with all modifications and additions is to be seen at the top of this page.


Fitting of Fibre Optic


Fibre Optic in Place



Diavert Manual


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