My Microscopes: Olympus FH Microscope


Olympus FH Set Up for Photomicrography



The Olympus FH is a 1960s instrument with non-DIN (short) objectives. The trinocular head is of the variety that allows only viewing through the binoculars OR through the phototube, but not both simultaneously. For me, this limits its usefulness as it is difficult to use it for photographing live subjects. This head also provides no adjustment on the phototube, hence making setting parfocality with the binocular image difficult. The microscope is, however, a good quality instrument capable of producing good images both for manual viewing and for photomicrography.


Olympus FH


Olympus FH



Lamp Modification for LED Lighting

This is a very simple modification: I removed the glass envelope from an old Olympus FH lamp and soldered an LED in place of the filament. It can now be driven by a simple LED controller. It is of course important to observe polarity.



Adapter for Use with my MK IV Flash Setup

Again, a very simple modification: I found a cork of suitable size to fit the lamp aperture and cut a hole in this with a cork borer so as to permit the end of the fibre optic from my flash setup to be docked snugly. I also mounted a thin plastic diffuser in front of the fibre optic tip to diffuse the image of the fibres in the tip.




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