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Projectina Microscope


The Projectina microscope is an interesting projection microscope with a large in-built projection screen. To achieve a good image, lots of light is required and this is provided by 100W 12V halogen filament lamps. Naturally these get very hot and this is really the Achilles heel of the instrument. There are two lamps, one for transmitted light and one in a stand lamp for surface illumination. Both are provided with in-line IR filters, but these only serve to provide relatively cool light, but both lamp housings can get very hot indeed, as can the lamp lenses. The ceramic lamp fitting in my stand lamp cracked, probably from heat stress. I understand that the lamp lenses can also suffer heat damage, although I have been fortunate in this respect.

The obvious cure was to upgrade the lighting to LED lighting. You can see how I did this in my article Converting a Projectina Microscope to LED Lighting in Micscape Magazine.

The instrument is capable of producing very competent images and viewing can be toggled between eyepieces and screen.



Gliding Stage and Quadruple Nosepiece

The gliding stage is a very nice feature and has a good smooth action.

The quadruple nosepiece can just be seen and this has thumbwheel selection of normal, polarising filter and polarising filter with retardation plate. The lower polariser is designed to fit over the field lens housing.

The binocular head can be replaced with a monocular tube, which I have also used for photomicrography. Originally, the projection screen could be replaced with a Polaroid camera back, but film is no longer easily available, although I do have the camera back and viewing screen.


0.9 NA Substage Condenser

The condenser is a push fit, with no provision for centring. The only centrable part of the substage is the field lens in the microscope foot. This is in a floating mount. Although here is a filter ring, this is also not centrable, although the registration proves adequate for darkground using a patch stop.


Phase Condenser

I have the phase contrast kit for the Projectina which comprises objectives, a phase telescope and this phase condenser, this time centrable. It is of course my preferred condenser, as it also features a non-phase position and a filter holder.



Depth micrometer

This is an epi lens with illumination from a stand lamp through the side port on the upper right of this image. This also has an iris diaphragm.



Macro lenses

These x10 and x20 lenses provide very useful long working distance abilities.



Stand lamp

For surface illumination. This has been modified to take LED illumination and is a good all-round microscope lamp.


Here is an interesting article on Restoring a Projectina Microscope




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