My Microscopes: Zeiss Standard GFL

With trinocular head, mechanical stage and quadruple nosepiece

The brass objective that can be seen on the nosepiece is a 1/4 inch by Ross of London - see here.

The instrument above is also fitted with a Canon Powershot S50 camera mounted on the trinocular port using a DIY adapter.

I have also set up this microscope for flash photomicrography in a number of different configurations

I have had two Zeiss GFLs with broken fine focus mechanisms. Here is a link to a page about repairs.

Here is a link to the Zeiss GFL Manual


The Zeiss Standard GFL is a very nice lightweight microscope. It takes many of the accessories for the Zeiss Standard range of instruments. The above images show two different types of mechanical stage as well as a trinocular head. This type of trinocular head is the one that I particularly favour and permits simultaneous viewing on both the binoculars and the photo port.


Zeiss GFL with Epi-illuminator

Here the GFL is shown set up for surface or epi-illumination. The light source in the illuminator has been replaced with a high powered LED.


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