The Mill Pond

Picture by my 5 year old daughter, Janejira

Warnham Mill Pond was orginally created as part of the Sussex iron working industry, but more recently provided the water for a mill to grind grain. The mill survives intact and the surrounding land comprises Warnham Nature Reserve. I am becoming a frequent visitor, not so much to watch the abundant bird life, although the large number of resident herons provide an impressive sight, looking for all the world like hunched old men in grey raincoats, but mainly becuse of the microscopical pond-life. I also frequently enjoy a leisurely stroll around the 92 acres with my family. I'm now also deeply involved with The Friends of Warnham Nature Reserve as their newsletter and website editor. See the Microscopy Links page for a link to the friends' website. On these pages you will find pictures taken around the Nature Reserve and links to my photomicrographs and other photos of plants and creatures found in and around the pond as well as in other similar or related habitats around the Horsham area.

Take a Tour of the Reserve Using Picasa Album - choose Satellite View for the best viewing experience.

(Map from the Warnham Local Nature Reserve Leaflet issued by Horsham District Council)

I was very fortunate in May 2003 to attend a "Family Pond-dipping" event run by the wardens at the Nature Reserve. My wife and 4 year old daughter also greatly enjoyed this event and I was able to take a few samples home, put them under the microscope and provide the Reserve with copies of the resulting photomicrographs. As a result, I was kindly given permission to take samples as I wish, and the results are here for all. The Dipping Ponds, which I have numbered 1-3, provide convenient sampling locations, as do the various board-walks and bridges, depending upon water level.

The outflow from the mill pond flows under the road (B2237) and down through the Red River between steeply cut banks to meet the River Arun on the south west edge of Horsham. The Red River is another interesting collecting location.

The Red River

My wife, Noi, and daughter, Janejira, ably assisting in collecting specimens